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Development of an older community support network for returning offenders in New York

Thursday, October 5th 2017 - RECOOP
In August, RECOOP hosted its second US delegate, Laura Roan from the Osborne Association in New York as part of our joint project together with the Brookdale Center for Healthy Ageing, to support the development of an older community support network in...
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Buddy Support Scheme

Friday, September 1st 2017
Primary Care is under increased pressure due to the number of prisoners coming into prison with health and social care needs. Remand prisons, in particular, suffer as the volumes of people passing through can be over 200 a month.  With restricted...
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Pilot "Transition 50+ Resettlement Programme" a resounding success

Friday, August 18th 2017 - RECOOP
The first pilot of our “Transition 50+ Resettlement Programme” has now been delivered in HMP Lewes with resounding success.  All participants were over 60 years old and all reported that their knowledge and confidence levels of each...
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Social Care in prison

Monday, August 7th 2017 - Ryan Harman
Ryan Harman, Advice & Information Manager, Prison Reform Trust and RECOOP Trustee/Board Director talks about Social Care in prison.
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“Provision for older prisoners by The Lobster Pot was outstanding”.

Tuesday, August 1st 2017 - RECOOP
The Lobster Pot (over 50’s Day Centre established and run by RECOOP at HMP Leyhill) was mentioned favourably numerous times in the recently published (26th June 2017) IMB Report:
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Ladies behind bars making a difference

Wednesday, July 19th 2017 - RECOOP
Ladies behind bars in England can and DO make a difference to children and families who have lost their home, country, family, possessions, safety and security. During one of the Rubies’ sessions (day centre for the over 50s at HMP Eastwood Park...
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Armed Forces Day

Wednesday, July 12th 2017
Armed Forces Day is traditionally marked on 24th June by events including parades, military displays and community fetes, taking place across the country. Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and women, both Regulars and Reservists, Cadets and veterans past and...
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Prisons & Probation Ombudsman highlights urgent need to address rise in number of older prisoners

Thursday, June 29th 2017
The recently published Prisons & Probation Ombudsman Report on older offenders highlights the urgent need to address the dramatic rise in the number of older prisoners.  Nigel Newcomen CBE, Prisons & Probation Ombudsman, says in his...
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Good Practice Guides now available

Wednesday, June 28th 2017
RECOOP has been proud to manage a project, funded centrally by HMPPS, which was designed “To assess the need and ability of prisons and approved premises to adapt their regimes to meet the needs of older offenders” and we are delighted to...
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The challenges facing older prisoners

Monday, June 26th 2017 - RECOOP
RECOOP was recently contacted by Amelia Hill, a journalist for the Guardian, who was writing a series of articles on older prisoners.  With our experience of working with older offenders, we were able to provide her with invaluable evidence and...
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Prisoners’ Advice Service (PAS) working with RECOOP

Tuesday, June 20th 2017 - Prisoners' Advice Service
PAS is a legal advice charity which advises serving prisoners on their rights (or the lack of them) within the prison system in England and Wales. As well as corresponding with prisoners and providing telephone advice, we carry out outreach visits to...
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Report on an unannounced inspection of HMP Eastwood Park by HM Chief Inspector of Prisons

Friday, June 9th 2017 - RECOOP
The HMIP Report, published on the 9th March 2017, highlights the work RECOOP is doing with the over 50s in HMP Eastwood Park: “In our survey, women aged over 50 were more positive about life at the prison than younger women.  RECOOP, a...
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Varied programme of activities at The Lobster Pot

Wednesday, May 31st 2017 - Jon Cook
The Lobster Pot (Day Centre for the over 50s at HMP Leyhill run by RECOOP) was delighted to have Mel Pritchard (Success Coach & Trainer - Mental Health First Aid Instructor: Adult & 'Life'  -...
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The important role of Guest Speakers

Thursday, April 13th 2017 - RECOOP
Guest speakers form an important part of the activities organised by RECOOP in the various prisons in which we work. Bristol Mind recently visited the Lobster Pot at HMP Leyhill when the men were given the opportunity to discuss their views on the...
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The Lobster Pot – “an excellent resource”

Thursday, February 23rd 2017 - RECOOP
The HMIP report on their unannounced inspection of HMP Leyhill in September 2016, has recently been published.  RECOOP has run a Day Centre there (The Lobster Pot) for the past nine years and the increase in footfall not only reflects the increase...
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RECOOP to support The Brookdale Centre for Healthy Aging and The Osbourne Project in New York

Thursday, January 19th 2017 - RECOOP
RECOOP is pleased to announce that it has been successful, as part of an international funding application, in securing funding to provide some consultancy support in New York over the next year.  RECOOP will support The Brookdale Centre for Healthy...
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In-cell Activity Packs

Thursday, January 12th 2017
RECOOP has been working with older prisoners and ex-offenders for over ten years and recognises the importance of keeping active, not only physically, but mentally.  The stark reality is, with current pressures across the whole of the prison estate,...
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‘Achieving Better Outcomes’

Tuesday, December 13th 2016 - Jane Wilkes, RECOOP
RECOOP has used its learning from the recently completed NOMS-funded research project (“To assess the need and ability of prisons and Approved Premises to adapt their regimes to meet the needs of older offenders”) in order to further develop...
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RECOOP invited to work at an Immigration Removal Centre

Friday, December 2nd 2016 - Sandra Seldon - Project Co-ordinator
I had thought that my work at HMP The Verne had come to an end when the prison closed in 2013 and prepared for its new role as an IRC.   The prison used to be a Category C men’s prison, located within the historic Verne Citadel on the...
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"We Are All Human"

Thursday, November 17th 2016 - RECOOP
A piece of art created by a RECOOP Buddy Support Worker at HMP Exeter was selected to be exhibited at the UK’s annual national showcase of arts at The Southbank Centre, London.
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Farmer Review

Tuesday, November 1st 2016 - RECOOP/BCHA
RECOOP/BCHA provide evidence to Clinks based on their experience and expertise of working both within prisons and in the community.
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100% success rate for Healthy Eating & Living in Prison Programme at HMP Send

Tuesday, October 25th 2016
HELP (Healthy Eating & Living in Prison) is a programme developed by RECOOP that aims to introduce prisoners to safe and structured exercise, whilst encouraging and supporting them to achieve their goals. The 6-week healthy weight and exercise...
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Buddy Scheme highlighted as example of good practice

Thursday, October 6th 2016 - RECOOP
RECOOP's Devon Buddy Scheme has been included as an example of good practice in the recent "Seeing prisoners as Assets" resource published by ADASS in September 2016.
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RECOOP and the Buddy Support Scheme is highlighted as an example of excellence in IMB yearly report

Tuesday, August 16th 2016 - RECOOP
Selected prisoners in the 3 Devon prisons are trained by RECOOP in 14 modules, based on the National Care Standards, to support their fellow inmates who have social care needs.
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Fine Cell Work and RECOOP collaborate at HMP Leyhill

Monday, August 8th 2016 - RECOOP
Innovative project that offers new skills, reduces isolation, increases self-esteem and a deeper sense of self-worth flourishes at HMP Leyhill.
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"An inspiring example of the support that older prisoners badly need."

Monday, July 18th 2016 - Ryan Harman, Prison Reform Trust
Ryan Harman, Advice & Information Manager at the Prison Reform Trust, writes about his recent visit to the Lobster Pot at HMP Leyhill.
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Prisoners' Advice Service

Friday, July 8th 2016 - RECOOP
The Prisoners’ Advice Service is a frequent and valued visitor to the various groups run by RECOOP for the over 50s.
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High Sherriff's of Gloucestershire & Somerset visit Lobster Pot

Tuesday, June 14th 2016 - Jon Cook
The RECOOP team at HMP Leyhill was privileged to show off its work to the High Sherriff’s of Gloucestershire & Somerset.  Gloucestershire’s High Sherriff, The Countess Bathurst was accompanied by her husband The Earl Bathurst and...
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Interview with Volunteer Orderly at HMP Eastwood Park

Thursday, May 26th 2016 - RECOOP
Volunteers working within the groups run by RECOOP play an invaluable role. We interviewed a young Orderly who had spent some time with The Rubies (over 50s group at HMP Eastwood Park). Her answers are both revealing and touching.
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"Giving women a sense of meaning, pride and self-worth... aiding post-prison life"

Friday, May 6th 2016 - RECOOP
Stroud Youth Initiative recently invited Alma Hageman (RECOOP Project Worker at HMP Eastwood Park) to speak at a Youth Conference.
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RECOOP's Older Prisoner Forums used as a Case Study by Clinks

Tuesday, April 26th 2016
RECOOP is proud to be part of a new Good Practice Guide, recently published by Clinks, on ?Service-user involvement?.
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Zero-cost initiative at HMP Leyhill

Tuesday, April 19th 2016 - Jon Cook
The RECOOP staff at HMP Leyhill are fortunate that the prison allocated them a small plot of land next to the Lobster Pot (group for the over 50s run by RECOOP) and the team has set about converting this plot into small allotments.  Using the...
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HMP Dartmoor's Over 50's forum

Thursday, March 31st 2016 - RECOOP
HMP Dartmoor's Over 50's forum, established and supported by RECOOP in Devon, has been identified as one of six examples of good practice in service user involvement by the voluntary sector in collaboration with criminal justice partners.
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Older Women Prisoners and the Rubies Project

Tuesday, February 23rd 2016 - Jill Annison
RECOOP ex-trustee, Jill Annison and Alma Hageman, RECOOP Project Worker at HMP Eastwood Park, co-write a chapter for the recently published book: "Women and Criminal Justice: From the Corston Report to Transforming Rehabilitation".
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Liz Ropschitz, RECOOP Mental Health Co-ordinator, receives her MBE from Prince Charles

Friday, February 5th 2016 - RECOOP
Liz Ropschitz, RECOOP Mental Health Co-ordinator working in the Devon Prison Cluster, has been awarded an MBE in the Queen?s Birthday Honours List for her work with older offenders.
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Approaching 30,000 individual visits made to RECOOP groups in 2015

Wednesday, January 27th 2016
Like all charities we collect numerous statistics throughout the year in order to highlight the importance of the service we offer.
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Implementing the Care Act 2014: Care Options for Older Prisoners

Tuesday, January 12th 2016 - Cambridge Institute of Public Health
The health and social care of older prisoners in the UK is becoming an increasing challenge, with increasingly high incidences of prisoners suffering long term conditions....
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Volunteering for RECOOP at HMP Guys Marsh

Wednesday, January 6th 2016 - Sandra Seldon - RECOOP
Shaftesbury Arts Centre Director and Assistant Director win award for their volunteering work with RECOOP.
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The Lobster Pot welcomed visitors from other HMPs and the Prisons & Probation Ombudsman

Tuesday, December 15th 2015 - Jon Cook
We were delighted to entertain The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman, Nigel Newcomen CBE, for a short while on his visit around HMP Leyhill on 24th November. He was shown around the prison by Tim Knight, Acting Governor and his team and came to the...
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Lobster Pot - offering vital tools in preparation for release.

Thursday, December 3rd 2015 - RECOOP
Since the beginning of this year to the end October the Lobster Pot, a dedicated day centre for the over 50s at HMP Leyhill run by RECOOP, has welcomed over 243 prisoners and a staggering 20,000+ visits. Occupying time of the older prisoner population...
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Celebrating Black History Month

Wednesday, November 4th 2015 - RECOOP
A multitude of activities and guest speakers were arranged by the various RECOOP teams working within prisons during Black History Month, prompting much discussion and interaction.
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IMB Report - HMP Leyhill

Wednesday, October 14th 2015 - RECOOP
IMB report on HMP Leyhill describes the Lobster Pot as an inspiring pace-setter in responding to the special needs of the older prisoner.
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Disability Adaptations - HMP Drake Hall

Tuesday, October 6th 2015 - Jane Wilkes
Service-user consultations help to ensure people with disabilities or mobility issues can be comfortably accommodated at HMP Drake Hall.
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"Rubies" creative project wins Koestler Platinum Award

Thursday, September 3rd 2015 - Alma Hageman
The ?Rubies? at HMP Eastwood Park have received a Koestler Platinum Award, for their wall hanging inspired by ?A Journey through the Seasons?.
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First 6 prisoners trained by RECOOP qualify as Buddy Support Workers

Monday, August 17th 2015
Buddy Training Course, adapted by Devon County Council and supported by RECOOP has been delivered in the Devon Prison Cluster.
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The art of conversation suffers for those who have lived for years in a prison environment

Tuesday, July 28th 2015 - Prisoner at HMP Leyhill
During the four years I’ve been at HMP Leyhill, I’ve had the advantage of being part of the Lobster Pot as it continues to evolve as an effective element in the rehabilitation and resettlement of older, long-term prisoners.  Each of us...
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NOMS contract awarded to RECOOP

Wednesday, July 22nd 2015 - RECOOP
to assess the need and ability of prisons and approved premises to adapt their regimes to meet the needs of older offenders.
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Volunteering Project HMP Guy's Marsh 2014/15

Friday, July 3rd 2015 - Sandra Seldon
Volunteering Project proves to be a great success, enabling people to gain new skills, develop team building skills and a more positive opinion of how volunteering could be of benefit, not only whilst in prison, but when released.
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Prisoners? Advice Service session held at the Lobster Pot, HMPLeyhill

Wednesday, June 24th 2015
The Lobster Pot at HMP Leyhill (the drop-in centre for the over 50’s run by RECOOP) hosted a session from the Prisoners’ Advice Service (PAS) and such was its success, another has been scheduled in July. PAS is the only independent...
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Thursday, October 5th 2017
In August, RECOOP hosted its second US delegate, Laura Roan from the Osborne Association in New York as part of our joint project together with the Brookdale Center for Healthy Ageing, to support the development of an older community support network in the...
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